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North Dakota Self Storage Association - Your resource site for NDSSA

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NDSSA  is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1998 by storage owners concerned about the storage industry in North Dakota.

The concept behind NDSSA was to get ND Self Storage owners together to discuss issues with storage in all parts of ND, keep an eye on ND Legislation to make sure they don’t try to create legislation that will affect the ND Self Storage industry and help one another with legal problems should any arise.

NDSAA Benefits:

Joining the NDSSA comes with many benefits that would cost a storage owner thousands of dollars to put together on their own.  Below is a short list of some of the very important benefits you get by becoming a member of the NDSSA.

1.)   Associate Membership in the SSA.  The SSA if the National Organization that keeps owners up to date on industry trends, technology, sales, pricing, laws, problems/solutions and state’s issues.  Basically they oversee the storage industry on a national level and keep an eye on each state’s legislation to make sure it doesn’t negatively affect the storage industry.  Also as a NDSSA member you will get the monthly “Globe” magazine directly from the SSA.

2.)  Annual Conference.  Each spring we have an annual conference where members get together to discuss the state of Storage in North Dakota.  At the conference we have many topics covered ranging from vendors discussing their product line, banks on financing, software manufacturers, realtors and police discussing legal problems/break ins that have come up at different storage facilities.  This is a great laid back atmosphere where you can get any question about storage or any legal question answered.

3.)  Access to legal advice.  Legal advice is pricey!  Once a year (annual conference) we have access to legal counsel.  As a member you can ask any legal question at this time and get legal answers at no charge to you.  If you have any pressing legal questions prior to conference we have put together many legal questions answered by NDSSA legal counsel.   All these questions with an in depth answer have been put together as a legal handbook priceless to any self storage owner.  You will get a copy of these questions and answers with your membership along with being able to go to the back page (only for members) to view on the NDSSA website.

4.)  A few other priceless items you receive with your paid membership:

-A Legally approved Lease Agreement (put together by legal counsel and members)

-ND Lien Manual (proper step by step process to serve a lien legally)

-As a member you will get to attend with 1 guest the annual conference